Aqua Journeys

Our unique and innovative aqua journeys utilise the natural benefits of water in our thermal area including the sauna, steam room, ice fountain, monsoon shower and foot spas while incorporating the deeply relaxing and results driven [ comfort zone ] spa range to offer a variety of benefits. To book an Aqua Journey click here 




Sinking into a serene water journey, this passage will send you slipping into a blissful state of harmony. After an Apply Fruity Peel exfoliation, you’ll enter the poolside and head to the Experience shower. A footbath with drops of Tranquillity Oil will help remove negative energy, before a relaxing trip to the steam room.



Submerging into a total feeling of wellbeing, this journey uses the synergy of active mud to detoxify and drain negativity from the body. An Apply Fruity Peel exfoliation will help get rid of those tired old skin cells, Mediterranean Shower Gel will ease away your tensions in the footbath and the application of Monticelli Mud in the sauna will refresh and re-energise you, before an invigorating trip to the ice fountain.



Immersing into an invigorating experience, this circuit will inject a surge of energy back into your day. Enjoy a whole-body Apply Fruity Peel exfoliation, then a footbath to stimulate the reflex points on your feet, followed by 10 minutes in the bubble pool to increase circulation. After relaxing in the steam room, a foot and leg massage with Vital Leg Cream Gel will leave you feeling refreshed, before your journey ends with a glass of water or juice in the Juice Bar.


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