As a member you’ll enjoy a warm and friendly welcome from our team who are here for you 100%, helping you reach your fitness goals – whatever they might be.

Sarah Hodgson

Health Club and Spa Manager

I have been in the fitness industry for 17 years and have managed Health Club and Spa’s for 14 years. I am trained in both fitness and spa, ranging from inductions / personal training and sports rehab to massage and nails. I love working in a health club and spa and meeting new people and helping the team and members reach both fitness and personal goals.


Chris Wathall

Assistant Health Club Manager

After discovering how much my passion for fitness helped me get more fit and healthy, I left my previous career in the aerospace industry and gained my qualifications in personal training. Knowing how it feels to struggle with fitness and weight management I have a good insight into how challenging it can be. I enjoy all types of training but specialize in resistance and functional training. I am an advanced Boxercise instructor and I am qualified in speed and combination pad work training.

Ben Winson

Senior Fitness Instructor

I am new to the fitness world and just finished by level 2 fitness instructor but have loved every part of health and fitness since I can remember. I enjoy helping members and guests not only meeting their fitness goals but enjoying every aspect of life.


Mark Kelly

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years, having extensive experience & knowledge of bodybuilding and resistance training. I also have vast experience in conducting fitness programs and relating this to diet and nutrition.  I have extended my knowledge to include many other types of fitness training such as kettlebells, suspension training, H.I.T.T, core stability and supple strength. I remain a keen exerciser and always strive to learn and gain new knowledge.  I enjoy making people smile and service is my focus while helping people meet their personal fitness goals.

 Andy Jemiolo

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

I am a highly motivated fitness enthusiast, who has a key passion for body building, nutrition and weight loss.  I used to be a corporal officer for the parachute regiment in Poland.  In my free time I enjoy reading and cycling.



Everita Kember

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

I have been in the fitness industry for 5 year and I am a trained fitness instructor and personal trainer. My main focus is teaching all types of classes and I also love to educate them on how to get the most out of every work out, either within a class, personal training session or during their own work out.


Tom Warrington

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

I have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 13 years and I have been qualified as a personal trainer for half of this time.  Originally being overweight myself and not very fit I started from the very beginning on becoming fit and healthy. I specialise in fat loss and have helped many people transform their bodies. I use strength training, effective cardio and strength training to get the best results.  With qualifications in strength and conditioning, outdoor fitness and Boxercise I can help anyone achieve their goal.  I have always got a smile on my face and always tend to dance a little when music comes on whilst working out.  This also gives my fitness sessions and personal training a bit of entertainment too.

Fran Williams

Fitness Instructor

I made a career change to the fitness industry after returning to work from being a full time mum. I have always been interested in health and fitness specifically the importance of maintaining all aspects of fitness to be ‘totally fit’ (physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually).

My mantra is to create a better you, helping people to focus on being the best version of themselves, rather than comparing with others.

I am a wife and mum of two young children and love to jog and keep fit doing circuit based, high intensity training.

You will often see me with a smile on my face welcoming you into the club at St George’s Park.

Jess Gilbert

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

I am fresh out of university, which has enabled me to develop extensive health and fitness knowledge while following my true passion in life. I enjoy working out myself and helping other find their passion for fitness.

Kat Stansbie

Assistant Spa Manager

I have been in that spa industry for many years and have a true passion for all things health and beauty, from taking care of your skin to mental health through relaxation. I love meeting new spa guests each day and finding the best way to help them meet their goals.


Korrie Holloway

Head Therapist

I have been in the spa industry for over 10 years. I specialise in massage using a variety of techniques. I can apply a firm pressure or provide a relaxing massage. The great thing is that if you have a treatment here it is specifically accustomed to you.  In my spare time I enjoy dancing – Kizomba in particular.

Amber Dunbar

Spa Therapist

I am very passionate about providing excellent service to clients and I take great care in all my treatments. I love to see the benefits of what taking good care of the mind body and soul has on a client. My favourite treatments are facials and massages.  In my free time I thorough enjoy socialising with my friends and visiting different places.

Rosa Baldwin

Spa Therapist

I have worked in the spa industry for many years.  I enjoy being creative with nail varnish colours and I have a key eye for trends.  In my social time I enjoy taking long walks with my dogs and being in the outdoors.

Ellie Wall

Spa Therapist

My passion is ensuring my clients are cared for and looked after.  I endeavour to ensure my clients are fully relaxed.  I thoroughly enjoy providing massages and facials and making them specific to my clients needs.  In my free time I enjoy reading books, in particular science fiction and non fiction.